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Booking Conditions for St Martin de Belleville Catered Chalets


balance means the booking price minus any deposits or payments.

booking means the contract between Snow Trippin and the lead guest comprising of the booking form, booking confirmation and booking price.

booking confirmation means the correspondence sent to the lead guest confirming that Snow Trippin has accepted and confirmed the booking.

booking form means the form supplied by Snow Trippin to be completed by the lead guest containing the details of the booking and the booking party

booking party means the group of people the lead guest is making the booking for including the lead guest.

booking price means the total price for a holiday.

deposit means the amount paid by the lead guest at the time of returning the booking form.

holiday means a period of time during which the booking exists.

lead guest means the guest in whose name a booking has been made.

provisional booking means the temporary reservation of a holiday booking.

we or us means Snow Trippin Ltd

website means


1.1 Booking enquiries will be sent in EUR. Prices in Euros are set independently of the current exchange rate with any other currency.

1.2 From the time of requesting to book a holiday a provisional booking will exist for 48 hours. During this period you must complete and return the booking form and pay the deposit. It is at our discretion whether or not to extend or cancel a provisional booking beyond this period.

1.3 If the start date of your holiday is less than 10 weeks from the time of requesting to book a holiday the balance will be required to secure your booking.

1.4 A booking does not exist until the lead guest has returned the completed booking form along with the required deposit and Snow Trippin has confirmed acceptance of the booking by sending the lead guest booking confirmation.

1.5 We may also, upon request, make a provisional booking at the time of your enquiry.

1.6 We do not guarantee to notify you of the cancellation of a provisional booking and once a provisional booking has been cancelled the holiday dates may be re-offered for sale.

1.6 It is at the sole discretion of Snow Trippin whether or not to confirm a booking.

Booking Amendments and Cancellations

2.1 If you wish to cancel a booking, a request must be made in writing. Cancelling a booking will result in a £150 cancellation fee plus the following charges:

  • More than 10 weeks before your holiday – loss of deposit
  • 10-8 weeks before your holiday – 50% of the total cost of the holiday
  • 8-4 weeks before your holiday – 80% of the total cost of the holiday
  • Less than 4 weeks before your holiday – 100% of the total cost of the holiday

2.2 Any sums outstanding will become immediately payable to Snow Trippin in accordance with our standard payment terms.

2.3 It shall be entirely at the discretion of Snow Trippin whether to allow any changes or amendments to a booking, including but not exclusively, holiday, dates, number of guests, property and any other holiday details contained in the booking form or agreed at the time of booking.

2.4 In the case of a booking being amended Snow Trippin reserve the right to remove any discounts or reductions applied to the original booking.

Lift passes

3.1 Lift passes may be pre-ordered by phone, email or in writing. Once a lift pass has been pre-ordered the full amount is payable in accordance with our standard payment terms.

3.2 If you wish to cancel a lift pass order you must inform us in writing, lift pass orders can not be cancelled or amended less than 6 weeks before your holiday and the full amount shall be payable.

Airport transfers

3.3 Airport transfers may be pre-ordered by phone, email or in writing. Once a transfer has been pre-ordered the full amount is payable in accordance with our standard payment terms.

3.4 If you wish to cancel a transfer you must inform us in writing, transfers can not be cancelled or amended less than 6 weeks before your holiday and the full amount shall be payable. This does not apply to changes caused by delay or flight cancellation which will not incur any charges.

3.5 Airport transfers will be carried out by Snow Trippin or a suitable 3rd party registered and insured to carry paying customers in Switzerland and France.

3.6 Unless specifically stated airport transfers shall be on a shared basis.

Shared transfers

3.7 Although every effort will be made to keep groups together, all passengers and luggage may not be transported in the same vehicle, leave from the point of departure at the same time, or arrive at the destination at the same time.

3.8 Passengers at the airport may have to wait a reasonable amount of time for passengers arriving on other flights to arrive and to clear customs and baggage reclaim.

3.9 Passengers arriving or leaving resort may travel via other passengers departure or arrival destinations.

Private transfers

3.10 All passengers and luggage will travel privately to and from departure and arrival points without transporting other passengers. Passengers may request to travel grouped in certain ways but we reserve the right to allocated passengers to specific vehicles.

3.11 Passengers will leave the airport as soon as is reasonably possible once their entire party has met our representative in the designated area.

Payment Terms

4.1 The booking price shall be payable in the currency stated on the booking form. The currency of the booking price may not be altered once a booking has been confirmed.

4.2 For payments made in Euros, Snow Trippin can not be held responsible for the final amount paid in GBP or any other currency as a result of exchange rates applied by 3rd parties such as a banks or credit card companies.

4.3 Deposit Payment – The deposit must be paid in full to secure a booking unless the holiday start date is less than 10 weeks from the time of payment in which case the balance shall be due.

4.4 Balance Payments – The balance payment shall be due 10 weeks before your holiday. If the balance payment is not received within 10 days of the due date we reserve the right to cancel you holiday and apply the relevant cancellation charges.

4.5 Lift passes – Lift passes are payable in Euros only and we reserve the right not to issue pre-ordered lift passes until payment has been received in full.

4.6 Airport transfers – Airport transfers are payable in Euros or GBP, we reserve the right to not book or carry out transfers until payment has been received in full.

Rights of Refusal

5.1 Snow Trippin reserves the unconditional right to terminate a holiday with immediate effect in the event of unreasonable or inappropriate conduct by one or more guests.

5.2 Unreasonable or inappropriate conduct is defined as behaviour or actions that may cause damage or danger to property or other persons, customers or employees of the company.

5.3 In the event of a termination, full cancellation charges will apply and the company will not be responsible for, or compensate for any additional accommodation, transport or other incidental costs incurred by the guest or guests.


6.1 Snow Trippin shall not be held responsible for damage or theft of any items or property held or left in any of our properties.

6.2 Snow Trippin acts as an agent on behalf of various transfer companies, lift pass offices, ski hire companies and ski and snowboard instructors, and therefore cannot be held liable for loss or damage resulting from guests use of these items or services.

Force Majeure

7.1 Force majeure means any natural or man made event beyond our control and insurmountable that prevents Snow Trippin from fulfilling it’s obligations, including but not exclusively, fire, flood, riot, strike, industrial action, road closure, airport closure, severe weather conditions affecting driving conditions. Under such conditions Snow Trippin shall not be held liable for any expenses or incidental costs incurred by a guest or caused by the failure of Snow Trippin to fulfil the terms of the booking. The guest alone shall be responsible for paying any costs including accommodation or onward travel following the event of force majeure.


8.1 Every effort has been made to describe all aspects of our properties and services accurately but we reserve the right to make minor changes at any time.

8.2 All photographs are either of, or are representative of our properties or services but we do not guarantee that properties or services will be exactly as described.

8.3 Any item or service that is not expressly mentioned as provided is included is at the discretion of Snow Trippin. The company reserves the right to make major changes without notice and at any time unless a booking has been secured.


9.1 Any information or personal details we collect during the booking process or during your holiday will not be used for any other purpose other than booking and confirming your holiday and details. We will not pass your details on to any 3rd parties or companies unless you specifically instruct us to to enable the booking of transfers, ski hire, lessons or other services or goods. All companies we work with operate similar privacy policies. Your contact details will only be kept for future correspondance with your permission.

Travel Insurance

10.1 By booking with Snow Trippin you agree to purchase a travel insurance policy that adequately covers you and your personal belongings, as well as personal liability to cover any damage or loss caused to Snow Trippin or any property of Snow Trippin.

Personal Concierge Service

Snow Trippin Concierge is a free arrangement service. We will endeavour to ensure that the Introduced Suppliers are reputable and reliable to provide the Services. Snow Trippin Concierge will arrange for the provision of the Service and inform you about pricing but the Service itself is provided on the basis of the agreement reached between you and the Introduced Supplier and is subject always to the terms and conditions of the Introduced Supplier. It is your responsibility to read and accept the terms upon which any Service is offered to you before using any Service. Snow Trippin is not a party to any agreement you may have with an Introduced Supplier.

You are fully responsible to the Introduced Suppliers for your obligations under the agreement that you enter into with the Introduced Supplier, and the Introduced Supplier is fully responsible to you for its obligations under the agreement that it enters into with you.

Unless Snow Trippin Concierge has recommended an Introduced Supplier knowing it to be disreputable or unreliable (or Snow Trippin Concierge should reasonably have known), then Snow Trippin Concierge has no liability to you in respect of the Services offered by Snow Trippin Concierge or for any other aspect of the relationship between you and any Introduced Suppliers.

Except in the case of death or personal injury caused by Snow Trippin Concierge’s negligence, Snow Trippin Concierge does not accept any liability for any loss, damage, claims or expenses incurred or suffered by you, pursuant to the provision of Services offered or performed by any Introduced Supplier. Moreover, Snow Trippin Concierge specifically excludes any liability for any special, indirect or consequential damage or any nature whatsoever, resulting directly or indirectly from any act or omission by Snow Trippin Concierge or an Introduced Supplier.

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